Our services
  • Medical ConsultationMedical Consultation
  • Medical ExaminationsMedical Examinations
  • WellnessWellness
  • Health ScreeningHealth Screening
  • Men and Women's HealthMen and Women's Health
  • Baby and Child HealthBaby and Child Health
  • Weight ManagementWeight Management
  • Vaccinations and Travel HealthVaccinations and Travel Health
  • Medical AestheticsMedical Aesthetics
We welcome members
of the following programmes:

1. Baby Bonus Programme   3. Community Health Assist Scheme
  This covers consultations, vaccinations, and medications.     Eligible patients receive subsidised treatment for both acute and chronic illnesses.
2. Chronic Disease Management Programme   4. Insurance and Managed Healthcare Schemes
  Utilise your Medisave for management of your chronic illness.